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The mission of Childcare Adventures Early Learning Center is to provide an environment for early learning
in a warm and positive atmosphere. We want this first introduction to education away from home one that will foster
a continued love for learning, an interest in the world and an acceptance of its people.

​"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world".Nelson Mandela



First and foremost, Childcare Adventures believes the safety, health and happiness of the child is a priority.   It is our belief that the teacher is the most important factor needed to achieve high quality care. Also, it is necessary to meet the child where they are and to provide meaningful and developmentally appropriate experiences so each child feels successful at his level of ability.  

Educational professionals have proven that the years of 0-5 to be the best time for cognitive development.  Our structured curriculum offers both hands on and teacher led activities to develop better language and math skills, fine and gross motor skills, along with social and emotional maturity. These experiences at the preschool sitting, along with family and play experiences form the foundation for the theories and ideas of how the physical and social world.  

The Creative


The Creative Curriculum balances both teacher-directed and child-initiated learning, with an emphasis on responding to children's learning styles and building on their strengths and interests. This curricula applies the latest theory and research on best practices in teaching and learning and the content standards developed by states and professional organizations.

While keeping the original environmentally-based approach it clearly defines the teacher's vital role in connecting content, teaching, and learning for preschool children. It features goals and objectives linked directly to our valid and reliable assessment instrument.

The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool translates new research and theory from the field of early childhood education into a practical, easy-to-understand approach to working with children and their families. It is a comprehensive curriculum with a clear organizational structure and a particular focus on interest areas. 




Lot’s of jibber-jabber and pitter-patter! Our room is set up to cover all the developmental stages within this age range. We have a “quiet,” cozy pillow area which allows the non-mobile babies to be read to and cuddled. There is a specifically designed structure for the early stages of crawling, as well as having a low rise for walkers to successfully take steps by themselves. Once they are at the top, the ramp is a fun slide or just fun to crawl down! We also rotate several small activity structures the children enjoy climbing through. These areas are also the perfect size for children who are just learning to pull up to a stand or who are cruising.  




Full of smiles - full of it! The young toddlers are welcomed into the “classroom” setting. The room is set up into several developmental play centers with enough toys on the shelves to introduce the children to the concept of turn-taking. The goal is to guide the children through the transitions of the day so they can move from one activity to another and learn from each area of the classroom. Exploration and emerging sense of self are celebrated in this classroom. A child’s satisfaction of mastering a skill and saying “I did it!” when they wash their own hands or complete a puzzle is what the Lambs are all about!  

Pre-School & Pre-Kindergarten

Our young preschoolers have found their voice! These confident children continuously practice self-help skills and independence! Utilizing a variety of art mediums, the children are encouraged to develop their “process art” abilities. The children assume responsibilities in their classroom and take pride in their accomplishments. Enthusiastic, silly, adventurous and generally excited about everything describes this age group. This room is bursting with learning.​ Keeping with the Creative Curriculum Frameworks, our educator is continually changing classroom centers to incorporate Kindergarten Readiness skills. Group times are a forum for the children to strengthen listening skills, math skills and “the words of the month”. The children master turn-taking and communicate with peers to resolve conflicts. And then there’s lunch – the might well be the most “talked about” subject a child will share with you. The children master the self-help skills necessary for kindergarten survival! We learn, “less talking and more eating” while we socialize with our peers yet eat our healthy choices.


Before & After-School Program

Fun, friends, homework! It all happens here. Imagine a nurturing before and after school program where children can relax, make friends and continue to learn while having fun. Welcome to the Afterschool Program where  there is children ages 5 through 12. We make sure children receive homework help, so they establish good habits and are freed up for more family fun at home. Still, there’s plenty of time to explore creative expression, sports, technology, drama,  games or enjoy some downtime.